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LED Aluminum Profiles

AiDiWatt Lighting is a professional LED Aluminum Profiles manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China.

There are 200+models of Aluminum Profiles, allow you to create amazing lighting effect, achieve your design objectives. 

We also offer customized solutions: special shape linear light. Tell us what you want now.

The Questions You May Want To Ask

1. Why Choose LED Aluminum Profiles?

LED aluminum profiles can prevent led strip light from contact damage, help to dissipate heat and extend the lifespan of the led strip light. Multiple shapes of aluminum profiles help lighting designers to achieve better lighting design.

2. What is the Aluminum Material and Thermal Conductivity You Use?

The aluminum material we use is 6063-T5, which is also the most widely used aluminum material in the market for heat dissipation. The thermal conductivity of the aluminum material is 209W/m-K, and the number of thermal expansion series is 23.4um/m-k.

3. How About The Colours Of LED Aluminum Profiles?

There are Silver, White, Black Colour for choice. The one in our stock is silver colour.

Black(Powder Coated)
White(Powder Coated)

4. What Lengths Are LED Aluminium Profile Available In?

We typically stock led aluminium profiles in 3m/4m lengths. Can cut them into 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m. Other length on your request. And when choose the length you want, please consider the transportation way. By Express, length better within 2meters. By plane to airport, length better within 3meters. By Sea, the length 3m/4m are OK.

5. How About The Covers Of LED Aluminum Profiles? 

The cover of the led aluminum profile provides dust, moisture, and UV radiation protection for the led strips inside the aluminum profile. The cover can also be used as a diffuser or lens for the LED strip. Covers can be transparent cover, opal cover, milky cover, smoked black cover, porcelain white cover. Our standard cover are opal PC cover. The transmittance is 75-85%.

Opal Cover
Opal Frosted Cover
Transparent Cover
Transparent Frosted Cover
Milky Cover
Milky Frosted Cover
Smoked Black Cover
Porcelain White Cover

6. What Is The Standard Collocation Of LED Aluminum Profile?

1 pc aluminum profile+ 1 pc cover +2 pc endcaps (1 open & 1 closed) +2pcs/m clips.
Open end cap denotes end caps pre-drilled hole for cable entry.
Closed end cap is complete with no hole.

7. Do You Have Show Box Of LED Aluminum Profiles?

Yes. We have designed show box of led aluminum profiles. Including almost all hot models inside. Welcome to have a check.

Have more questions? Please contact us to get instant answer.

Different Types of LED Aluminum Profiles

1. Recessed LED Aluminum Profiles

LED aluminum profiles recessed into mounting surfaces to achieve a flush look, integrated into surroundings.

2. Surface Mounted LED Aluminum Profiles

Surface mounted led aluminum profiles are our most popular LED strip mounting channel. Requiring little installation preparation, our surface profiles are supplied complete with diffusers to smooth the appearance of the LEDs. They are effortless to install by installing mounting clips.

3. Pendant LED Aluminum Profiles

Pendant led aluminum profiles with led strip light inside, is a modern lighting solution. They are available in various shapes that may be cut to any size. And available for continues connecting. Suitable kitchen lighting, interior lighting design, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, retail display lighting etc.

4. Inground Series LED Aluminum Profiles

The inground series aluminum profiles are designed to install in the floor. With thicker cover, people/car can walk on it. Normally they are used indoor. If you want to use them outdoor or in , please choose waterproof led strip to assemble inside.

5. Wall Series LED Aluminum Profiles

Wall led aluminum profiles are mounted on the wall to achieve indirect lighting. It illuminates the passageway, making it easier for people to walk without tripping.

6. Cabinet Series LED Aluminum Profiles

There are multiple led aluminum profiles for cabinet application. With different installation ways, give the interior a modern character, creating decorative lines and highlighting the form of construction.

7. Corner LED Aluminum Profiles

Corner led aluminum profiles are ideal for mounting LED strip lighting neatly into 90° corners, in and under cupboards, cabinets, shelving and wall/ceiling joins.

8. Tubular Series LED Aluminum Profiles

Tubular series led aluminum profiles are designed in round shape. Normally used as pendant light, hang from the ceiling.

9. Plaster-in Trimless LED Aluminum Profiles

Plaster-in Trimless LED Aluminum Profiles are designed to be completely trimless once installed into plaster ceilings or walls, with no aluminium frames showing. Combined with strip lights and LED drivers, it creates continuously lighting effect in any room without shadows or overlapping.

10. Staircase Series LED Aluminum Profiles

Staircase series led aluminum profiles with led strip lights inside to light up the steps and staircase. There are ribbed tops for gripping and traction. Which make the steps more safety. With proper sealing techniques these channels can be used in outdoor architectural applications. Widely used in malls and theatres.

11. Wardrobe Closet Hanging LED Aluminum Profiles

The wardrobe closet hanging led aluminum profile is a wardrobe rail extrusion that you can hang your clothing on it. Assemble CRI>97 led strip inside to light up the clothing. Then more easy for people to find the clothing.

12. Bendable LED Aluminum Profiles

The bendable led aluminium profiles are flexible, can be bent into multiple shapes. Widely used for cove lighting, Arc lighting, circular & S-shaped lighting.

13. Lens LED Aluminum Profiles

Lens led aluminum profiles are designed for certain lighting scenes, such as museums, window display. It can save electricity and only light the products that want to be Illuminated.

LED Aluminum Profiles Applications

The LED aluminum profiles are available in various shapes, and can adjust the length easily. So the led aluminum profiles are suitable for any lighting space successfully. They are widely used for interior lighting, especially under-cabinet lighting, ceiling lighting, display cabinet lighting, staircase lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting for walls and floors.

Cove Lighting
Cabinet Lighting
Kitchen Lighting
Floor Lighting
Wall and Floor Lighting
Pendant Lighting
Ceiling Lighting
Stair Lighting

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Circular Ring
Semicircle combination
Circular Arc
Square Chamfer
Lighting Downward
Lighting Inward
Lighting Outward
Inner Curved
Outer Curved
Lighting Inward
Up and Down Curved
Left and Right Curved

The special linear lighting
we have done for your reference

1). Place: Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum
    Aluminum Profile: 2020
    Recessed installation

2). Place: Meeting room
     Aluminum Profile: 3535
     Suspended installation

3). Place: Car parking plant
     Aluminum Profile: 3535
     Surface mounted installation

4). Place: shopping mall
     Aluminum Profile: 4035
     Recessed installation

5). Place: CR LAND
     Aluminum Profile: 4060
     Surface mounted installation

6). Place: Changzhou Power Supply Branch
     Aluminum Profile: 40100
     Surface mounted installation

If you would like to custom special shape linear light, please offer CAD or Wood model and design effect drawing to us.

CAD drawings are usually provided as part of the renovation process, and the CAD file indicates the size, length and shape of the lighting fixture. Shaped lights are spliced together, and we need to segment them according to the CAD drawings so that they can be more accurate and perfectly customized.

Molds of Aluminum Profiles are available:

1). Installation: Suspended / Embedded / Surface Mounted for optional
    Curved: Inner curved / Outer curved / Side curved
    Cover: Silica cover

2). Installation: Embedded in the ground
     Curved: Inner curved / Outer curved / Side curved
     Cover: PP 4mm

3). Height: 30mm series
     Installation: Embedded in the ground
     Curved: Side curved
     Cover: PP 6mm

Width can be 30mm / 40mm / 50mm / 60mm / 70mm / 80mm / 90mm / 100mm / 110mm / 120mm / 130mm / 140mm / 150mm

4). Height: 40mm series
     Installation: Suspended / Embedded / Surface Mounted for optional
     Curved: Side curved
     Cover: 35mm/50mm/60mm can choose silica cover and PC cover. Other width only can use PC cover.

Width can be 35mm /  50mm / 60mm / 70mm / 80mm / 90mm / 100mm / 110mm / 120mm / 130mm / 140mm / 150mm / 160mm / 170mm / 180mm / 190mm / 200mm

5). Height: 40mm series
     Installation:  Embedded
     Curved: Side curved
     Cover: 35mm/50mm/60mm can choose silica cover and PC cover. Other width only can use PC cover.

Width can be 35mm /  50mm / 60mm / 70mm / 80mm / 90mm / 100mm / 110mm / 120mm / 130mm / 140mm / 150mm / 160mm / 170mm / 180mm / 190mm / 200mm

6). Height: 75mm double layer aluminum series
     Installation: Suspended
     Power supply position: Built-in
     Curved: Side curved
     Cover: 50mm/60mm can choose silica cover and PC cover. Other width only can use PC cover.

Width can be 35mm /  40mm / 50mm / 60mm / 70mm / 80mm / 90mm / 100mm / 110mm / 120mm / 130mm / 140mm / 150mm / 160mm / 170mm / 180mm / 190mm / 200mm

Product packaging:

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